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Changing sea levels is natural. It is expected for these levels to change at a slow pace, but glaciers are melting at startling rates. This is because of an excess of man made pollutants entering out atmosphere. In 1850, there were one hundred fifty glaciers, but today only thirty-five remain. This is an affect of climate change.

According to the IPCC’s (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) Fourth Assessment Report, “human influences on climate are 'very likely' (> 90% chance). Based on CO2 levels in the atmosphere, the annual average temperature is projected to rise by 5.4 oF by 2100. This would cause Greenland to start melting at a rapid pace. If Greenland melts, sea level will rise by approximately seven meters (23 feet)!!! This will drastically affect coastal communities, changing the beaches, city infrastructure, water supply, and ecosystems, not to mentions displacing millions of people. Check out our maps to see how Santa Barbara will be affected- the changes are drastic. If climate change is causing these glaciers to melt and this is a direct result of our actions, we’d better start taking responsibility for what we do.